self adhesive labels that support sustainability and eco-friendliness

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This is a specialist website dedicated to the massively growing demand for eco friendly and sustainable label products, including recyclable, wash off, compostable and biodegradable materials, adhesives and inks.

We will help you take the crucial step toward sustainable packaging without compromising on the quality and aesthetics of the brand. This is something that many clients worry about the most, but the versatility of sustainable materials ensures that no harm comes to the brand and its packaging. These materials range pretty widely from plant-based innovations to materials that are already widely used. 



Reuse & Recycle


Reducing the number of raw materials that we consume for the manufacture of new labels, packaging and products is essential for true sustainability. By consuming these virgin feedstocks in mass, we are creating almost unsolvable problems for future generations and the only way to reverse this is to reduce the amount of consumption. Recycled and recyclable labels are a great example of the kinds of labels that support the reduction in material consumption, and they are a great place to start.


The utilisation of renewable resources is another great way to support sustainability to continue to reduce the consumption of those materials that aren’t renewable. Wood and paper are great examples of renewable resources, provided that they are derived from forests that are certified by an organisation such as the PEFC or FSC, which work to ensure that forests under the certification conform to social, economic and environmental standards

Reuse & Recycle

Reuse and Recycle have been included together as the third and fourth opportunity for sustainability as they tend to work collaboratively. Reusing and recycling materials is one of the best ways of attacking issues from all angles. With recycling and reusing, there is less of a reliability on consuming raw materials, while it also reduces the amount of waste stored at landfill sites which contributes toward pollution. This also contributes towards the circular economy which could be the best chance we have at a truly sustainable society.



Recycled and Recyclable Label Materials

These labels are a fantastic way to make the switch to sustainable materials without much change in how the labels look. Every part of the label, from the inks to the adhesives are taken into consideration to ensure that the label is fully recyclable by the consumer.

Compostable and Wash Off Labels

Compostable materials that meet the European Standard for Compostable Packaging EN 13432, and wash off adhesives that enable the reusability of glass and plastic packaging.

Biodegradable Labels and Adhesives

A full range of paper based and filmic face materals and adhesives. Free printed samples from your artwork and supporting certification available.

Vegan Inks

Our inks do not contain any raw materials produced from, or substances derived from animal origin or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)


Do you need help making your product labels eco friendly? There are many options, so get in touch today if you want environmentally friendly labels.


While consumers are paying close attention to the steps that companies are taking to improve sustainability, the government are paying even closer attention. In fact, the UK government have laid out several plans that combat different areas and issues surrounding eco-friendliness, and some of them are pretty ferocious. For example, to combat the amount of refuse building up in the UK, the ban on single-use plastics is very quickly coming to the helm. Similarly, there was a ban implemented on plastic straws just last year, which saw restaurants and fast food businesses forced into opting instead for paper and plant-based alternatives.

The government is also committed to a global project that aims to reduce the amount of global climate change over the coming years. The international effort will see all the companies involved taking measured and certain steps toward this common goal, with each committed to doing their part. Stricter regulations and legislations are not too far away and so are the stern punishments for not sticking to them. Ultimately, there is a corporate social responsibility that doesn’t just relate to the legal aspects of sustainability, but the moral and economic aspects too.